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European Union Corporate Bodies authority list (XR-EUCB)


The European Union Publications Office maintain a list of 'Corporate Bodies' covering offices and bodies of the European Union (labelled EU), as well as external bodies referenced regularly in European Systems (labelled INT).

The list is more authoritative for EU Institutions, than for International institutions the EU works with.

Note that not all of the bodies in the list are legal entities: some represent 'projects' as opposed to organizations that the European Union institutions have worked with.

The list contains some meta-data on organisational hierarchy, and succession where one organization has replaced another.

  • Coverage: XI

Search options

Through EU Vocabularies it is possible to browse the list, which is also available for download in a variety of formats.

Find and use identifiers

When viewing an individual entry in the list, identifiers are given in the field 'Authority code'

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