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National Trade Register (Romania) (RO-CUI)


The National Trade Register Office (NTRO) is a public institution with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, entirely financed from the state budget, whose activity is regulated by the Law no. 26/1990 on trade register, as republished and subsequently amended and supplemented.

The National Trade Register Office carries out the following activities:

* keeping the trade register;
* providing documents and information;
* archiving documents based on which the registrations in the trade register are made;
* assisting legal and natural persons subject to registration in the trade register;
* editing and publishing the Insolvency Proceedings Bulletin.

  • Coverage: RO

Search options

Upon registration and payment of 8 lei, a company's details can be requested through the ONRC Portal InfoCert service[1]

Information regarding a company including the following details:
* order number in the trade register
* company name
* legal form
* unique registration code
* registered office
* company’s status
* main activity
* share capital
* administrators, partners/shareholders
* data registered in the trade register attesting that a certain document or fact is/is not registered.

[1] Other access choices are described at

Find and use identifiers

Use the 'unique registration number'

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