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Tax Identification Number (Poland) (PL-NIP)


The Tax Identification Number (NIP) is used for tax purposes and can be assigned to any organization: companies including sole proprietorships, non-profits, government agencies.

NIP is assigned to organizations in process of their registration.

Till 2011 NIP number was also assigned to natural people (tax payers).

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Search options

A search service is available which allows validation of known identifiers, or search for identifiers by the registered address of the organisation.

Find and use identifiers

To validate a known identifier:

1. Type in organization's NIP in the NIP field
2. Start by clicking "Szukaj"
3. Click on the first column (REGON number) to get details and the NIP code.

To search for the identifier or an organisation by their address, select 'Address' and use the drill-down menus to narrow down the search. You must select options down to the lowest geographic level.

NIP number consists of 10 digits, the last one is a check digit. For convenience the digits may be separated by non-significant hyphens (xxx-xxx-xx-xx or xxx-xx-xx-xxx for legal persons).

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