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The National Court Register (Poland) (PL-KRS)


The National Court Register (KRS standing for Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy) number is required to be acquired by several types of organizations: companies (without Sole Proprietorships that register in CEiDG), non-profits (associations, foundations, charities), unions and public health institutions.

An organization has to apply for a KRS number and pay a fee (around 25$).

  • Coverage: PL

Search options

There is only search available, secured by captcha. No bulk download (expected to appear in 2018).

Find and use identifiers

1. Check both boxes: "Przedsiębiorcy" (companies) and "Stowarzyszenia, inne organizacje społ. i zawodowe, fundacje, ZOZ" (associations, foundations, charities, unions, public health institutions)
2. Input KRS number in the relevant field (or search by other means, such as a name or a city)
3. Enter captcha "Kod z obrazka"
4. Start search: "Szukaj"
5. Choose one of the results by clicking "Wyświetl"
6. You will get a page with basic details. To get whole info click "Pobierz wydruk" to get a PDF with all the information

KRS number is mentioned as "Numer KRS". Commonly it is prefixed by zeros, but they are non-significant and in other sources (such as a company's website) may be dropped.

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