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Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PK-PCP)


The Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy provides certification for NGOs working in Pakistan. Registration with the PCP is not obligatory for working in Pakistan and therefore not all NGOs will be recorded on the 'PCP Certified CSO List'. However, this list can be searched online.

All NGOs are required to register with their local Voluntary Social Welfare department.

"This voluntary assessment aims to enhance a CSOs' credibility and resultantly its access to funding. Through the allied activities of this programme, PCP promotes certified CSOs in an annual directory and on its website and also builds capacities of civil society organisations for greater effectiveness." [1]


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Search options

A bulk dataset is available at although it is not clear how far this is kept updated

Find and use identifiers

NGOs do not receive an identifier after being certified by the PCP. Unique identifiers are not available on the CSO list.

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