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RUC Number (Peru) (PE-RUC)


The 'Registro Único del Contribuyente' (RUC) number is an 11-digit tax ID number for any natural or legal person (such as a company) in Peru, and is provided and maintained by The Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y de Administración Tributaria (The SUNAT). The SUNAT, according to its creation Law No. 24829, is a specialized technical agency, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its main purpose is to administer the taxes of the national government and the tax and non-tax concepts entrusted to it by Law or according to the inter-institutional agreements entered into, providing the resources required for fiscal solvency and macroeconomic stability; ensuring the correct application of the regulations governing the matter and combating tax and customs crimes in accordance with its powers.

  • Coverage: PE

Search options

Head to the list URL, where you can search for company information. Alternatively, it is navigable via the SUNAT website:

Find and use identifiers

The search functionality is available via the RUC number directly or the legal name. To locate an identifier, enter a search term in the "name" (Por Nomb.) field, and the results clearly show the organization names alongside the RUC (tax identifier number).

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