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launch Web Metadata Standard (NL-OWMS)

Description is the central access point to all information about government organisations of the Netherlands.

The Web Metadata Standard ( OWMS ) is the metadata standard for information from the Dutch government on the Internet.

It contains URIs for a wide range of government bodies, including national, local and regional government and water boards.

It provides a linked open dataset which contains ontological information about the relationship between those organisations (e.g. listing parent agencies, or noting organisations that succeed previous organisations).

A management plan is in place for updating of the information [1].


  • Coverage: NL

Search options

Linked data available

Find and use identifiers

Look for the list of values for the kind of organisation you wish to identify [1].

A full list of government entieis can be accessed at

Each organisation is assigned a URL in the list. Use the last portion of this URL as the identifier.

For example: "" is the identifier given for the 'Referendum Commission'. To construct an identifier from this, use 'NL-OWMS-rfmcie'.

Note: some identifiers may contain ' and ( and other similar characters.


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