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Legal entity registration number (IDNO) Moldova (MD-IDNO)


"General information about the legal entities incorporated on the Republic of Moldova’s territory, except political parties, non-governmental organizations and press agencies. Data from the State Chamber of Registration is published once per month on the Government Portal of Open Data ( and can be searched in a convenient way via dedicated platform"[1]

The unique state identification number (IDNO) assigned to the legal entity also constitutes its fiscal code.

"The platform has been developed to facilitate access to open government data and to help citizens gain added value by using them. The project is based on the reuse of public data about registered companies in the Republic of Moldova, presenting them in a user-friendly way so that everyone can easily analyze and process them.

The platform allows users to search through data, track company history, and generate infotainment based on available data. At present, information is available about over 215,000 companies that have been registered in Moldova since 1991.

The data on is updated monthly, automatically. The team has long envisioned to integrate other information that will be available to the public, including information on public procurement connected with companies that have won tenders over the years."[1]

More information about companies and their administrators / founders can be requested at the State Registration Chamber.

[1] (Nov, 2017)
[2] (Nov, 2017)

  • Coverage: MD

Search options

Company can be searched by legal name and IDNO number. Search results provide company registration number, legal name, registration date.

Basic information can be obtained free-of-charge. Complete information is available for LEI 100.

Find and use identifiers

The IDNO identifier is found under 'Cod Fiscal/IDNO/NUMREG' header on a company's record page.

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