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National Tax Service Business Registration Number (KR-BRN)


The Business Registration Number covers the following types of organization, as designated by the middle two digits of the number [1]:

- 01-79 sole proprietor liable for value-added tax (VAT)
- 90-99 sole proprietor exempted from value-added tax (VAT)
- 89 non-corporate religious organization
- 80 non-corportate organization excluding religious group
- 81,86-88 head office of a for-profit organization
- 82 head or branch office of a non-profit corporation
- 83 country, local government or local government association
- 84 head, branch or liaison office of a foreign corporation
- 85 branch office of a for-profit corporation

An individual or corporation starting a business should obtain a Business Registration Number from the head of the district tax office in their jurisdiction [2].

The Business Registration Number can be found on the Business Registration Certificate issued by the National Tax Service [3].


  • Coverage: KR

Search options

A Check Certificate Authenticity service is available on the website.

Both the Issuance Number and the Business Registration Number are required to look up an organization's registration certificate.

Either Internet Explorer or a user agent switcher which enables your browser to be identified as Internet Explorer are required to access the service.

Find and use identifiers

The service cannot be used to look up the identifier for an organization, only to validate the authenticity of an identifier.

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