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Electronic database of legal entities and branches (Krygyzstan) TIN (KG-TIN)


The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kyrgyz maintains the register of legal entities. It contains entries for many kinds of companies, including:

* Companies
* Partnerships
* Co-operatives
* Trade unions
* Local and state enterprises
* Joint ventures
* Small businesses
* Political Parties
* Credit unions

This list references the Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN) scheme.

  • Coverage: KG

Search options

Company can be searched by its name ('наименование'), registration number ('Рег. №'), tax number ('ИНН'), OKPO code ('Код ОКПО', assigned to each legal entity for statistics purposes). Additional search criteria exist for company status ('Статус'), registration date ('Дата') etc.

Search is free-of-charge, no English interface.

Find and use identifiers

To find a company's TIN you will need to know one of company name ('наименование'), registration number ('Рег. №'), OKPO code (Код ОКПО). A search for one of these will return a link to the full company details, which includes the TIN

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