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Register of Associations, Jordan (JO-MSD)


"The register of associations was established in the Ministry of Social Development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan by virtue of the Associations Law No. (51) of 2008 and its amendments which abolished the Law of Associations and Voluntary Organizations No. 33 of 1966 and its amendments. The register of associations is the regulator of the associations sector in the Kingdom and in line with the legislation in force."[1]

[1]: (translated from Arabic)

  • Coverage: JO

Search options

The front page of has a search box where NGOs can be searched by name. The interface is available in Arabic only.

Find and use identifiers

Use the "national number of association" (الرقم الوطني للجمعية in original Arabic) as found on the search results page.

These are typically 13-digit numbers.

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