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Isle of Man Index of Registered Charities (IM-GR)


All charities in the Isle of Man must be registered with the General Registry. The General Registry maintain information about charities in the Index of Registered Isle of Man Charities

"The General Registry has specific statutory roles in relation to the registration of charities and the receipt of statutory statements, accounts and other documents in relation to charities." [1]

"The General Registry is the department which administers –

the civil and criminal Courts of the Isle of Man
the High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man
Courts of General Gaol Delivery
courts of summary jurisdiction
the Registries
Deeds and Probate Registry
Land Registry
Civil Registry, responsible for registration of births, deaths and marriages
registration of charities
Legal Aid
the Public Record Office
criminal injuries compensation
registration of legal practitioners (other than advocates)" [2]


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Search options

Data is available in a searchable PDF file

Find and use identifiers

Users can find identifiers by searching the PDF of the public Index of Registered Charities. Once opened, they should use Ctrl-F to search for a name or other detail. Identifiers will be under the column heading 'No'

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