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Croatian Court Business Register (HR-MBS)


The court business register is maintained by the Croatian Ministry of Justice (Ministarstvo Pravosuda Republike Hrvatske).

Registered corporations each have a court-assigned company registration number (mati─Źni broj poslovnog subjekta - MBS)

  • Coverage: HR

Search options

Companies can be searched by MBS, OIB number or legal name. Search results provide MBS and OIB numbers, registration court, company name, status, company name current status, and address. There is no English interface, search is free-of-charge.

Find and use identifiers

Use the MBS (company court registration number) returned in search results. If used, the OIB (tax-registration number) would be used with the prefix HR-OIB)

Take care not to drop leading zeros ('0') from the number e.g. 080229250, not 80229250

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