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Register of Schools (Wales) (GB-WALEDU)


Schools and other education establishments in Wales must be registered with the Department of Education in the Welsh Government.

The Register of Schools is maintained by the Department of Education which provides a School number as the unique identifier for each school or other educational establishment in Wales.

Universities are not registered through this registrar. Welsh schools used to be registered by the Department of Education for England and Wales and, although it is not the registrar, the English Department of Education still held records for Welsh schools as of October 2019. Use this list in preference over the English one for Welsh schools.

  • Coverage: GB

  • Sectors: education

Search options

Users can download an .ods file at

Find and use identifiers

Upon downloading the .ods file the seven digit School number can be found in the first column of the relevant worksheet. Each type of school or educational establishment is listed twice, once in Welsh and again in English. The School number is the same. It consist of a seven digit number. The first three digits identify the local authority in which the school is located and the final four digits uniquely identify the school within that authority.

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