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Register of Schools (England and Wales) (GB-EDU)


Schools and Colleges in England must be registered with the Department of Education.[1]

The Register of Schools is maintained by the Department of Education and provides a URN for each school, university and other educational establishment in England.

The full Register of Schools in England is available at

**The register for Welsh schools used to be part of this list, but is now the responsibility of the Welsh Government. Details of the Welsh list are available on**

[1] This includes independent schools which meet the criteria on


  • Coverage: GB

  • Sectors: education

Search options

Users can search for an educational establishment on this webpage

Find and use identifiers

After conducting a search and selecting a school, college etc from the search results, the identifier will be next to the heading 'URN'.

Users can also download a CSV or Excel file of search results data by clicking on 'Download these search results', or access the full open data register from in a variety of alternative formats.

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