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Ministerio de Justicia (ES-MDJ)


The Ministry of Justice keeps a broad array of records, covering organisations, events, and individuals. Some of these records (such as organisations) are public and searchable, whilst others (civil registration) are not.

This list covers the following types of organisations (roughly translated): "Property and Mercantile", "Mediators and Mediation Institutions", "Foundations Under the Jurisdiction of the State", and "Religious Entities".

  • Coverage: ES

Search options

High level records page (including non-organisation sections):

Navigable from this page, there are multiple search interfaces for each of the organisation types which can be accessed through the direct links below, though there does not appear to be any way of bulk downloading the data.

Note that this search is very brittle. Searching for "AYUDA EN ACCION" yields a result for the organisation of that name, but searching "AYUDA ACCION" does not yield any results, nor does searching for all three words in the wrong order.

Mediators and Mediation Institutions:
State Competition Foundations:
Religious Entities:

Find and use identifiers

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