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Common Directory of Organizational Units and Offices - DIR3 (ES-DIR3)


The Common Directory of Organizational Units and Offices (DIR3) is a project to improve interoperability between public administration units in Spain. As a part of this, a list of all the public bodies is maintained by the Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología (Technology Transfer Centre).

"The Common Directory is conceived as a Inventory information on the organizational structure of the public administration, and its citizens care offices. That is, a catalogue of functional units, public agencies and registry offices and attention to the citizen of the administration" [1]


EXCEL Tables:

  • Coverage: ES

Find and use identifiers

Users can download a dataset containing information on government agencies in Spain using this link - or and looking for the file 'Listado de información básica de oficinas de la AGE'

Identifiers are under Column Header - C_ID_UNIDAD_RESPONSABLE.

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