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Registro de Personas Jurídicas (Costa Rica) (CR-RPJ)


Companies and foundations may be registered with the Registro de Personas Jurídicas managed by the National Registry (Registro Nacional).

Numbers are assigned in with the structure N-NNN-NNNNNN. Sometimes, these are written without leading zeros for the second set of numbers, but in the leading zeros should be include (e.g. 3-001-111111 rather than 3-1-1111111).

  • Coverage: CR

Search options

A free online search by organisation name is available (after free registration) through the platform (Under 'Consultas Gratuitas > Consulta por Nombre Social')

Find and use identifiers

Use the search at after registering and logging in. This is accessed from the 'Consultas Gratuitas' menu, and then the 'Consulta por Nombre Social' option.

The name to search for is entered into the 'Buscar Por', and a captcha completed to allow search.

In the search results, click the value in the 'Identificación' column to get the full identifier (CEDULA JURÍDICA).

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