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National Registry of Legal Entities (BR-CNPJ)


The CNPJ is the national registry that administers identification numbers issued by the Ministério da Fazenda, for all non-personal legal entities in Brazil.
Organizations register exclusively on the Federal Revenue website. After filling in the necessary data online, relevant documents are sent by mail or presented in person.
The CNPJ Registration Number is a fourteen digit number that must be included on all receipts and invoices. Tax authorities assign an eight-digit company registration number that makes up the first part of the CNPJ. The following four digits refer to the business place or branch. Company headquarters are usually assigned the number 0001 for this section of the identification number, with other branches receiving different numbers. The final two numbers are check digits.

  • Coverage: BR

Find and use identifiers

Download all zip files that contains tables in csv format. Load them in a database or other tool capable of browsing large datasets. Make a query on the table EMPRESAS, search for the field CNPJ BASICO (the first one), which is the org id.

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