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Public Bodies - Open Knowledge Foundation (XI-PB)


Public Bodies is an Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) project that aims to provide a unique ID for every part of every government. The main website is a portal for linking to profile pages for countries whose public bodies OKF has recorded. There are also links to directly download CSVs of this information.

Data available on the following countries/regions - Brazil, European Union, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

  • Coverage: BR, DE, GR, NZ, CH, GB, US

Find and use identifiers

Users can click on the link for a country profile to access a webpage with a list of public bodies from that country. Once they open a link to a specific body, the data is available in JSON format. Identifiers will be under the tag 'id'.

Users can also download a CSV file which contains information on each public body. Identifiers will be under the column header 'id'.

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