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International Aid Transparency Initiative Organisation Identifier (XI-IATI)


XI-IATI is a list of organisation identifiers that is maintained by the IATI Secretariat. Any publisher may apply to the IATI Technical Team for an identifier to be generated.

"If a bona fide organisation is not registered with any recognised or appropriate registration agency ( they should contact the IATI Technical Team who will exceptionally allocate an organisation identifier using the XI-IATI prefix.

While some of these identifiers have been derived from DAC codes, this ‘meaning’ is not carried forward. i.e. IATI generated identifiers have no intrinsic meaning.

For general guidance about constructing Organisation Identifiers, please see" [1]


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Find and use identifiers

Users can find the codelist in three formats - CSV, JSON and XML - from the IATI Organisation Identifier website. The codelist is also available in the three different versions of the IATI Standard.

Once users have downloaded the file, the identifiers will be under the column header/tag "code"

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