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Registered Social Housing Providers (England) (GB-SHPE)


A statutory register of not-for-profit (housing associations), for-profit private, and local authority social housing providers, who are registered to operate in England. The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)[1] is the regulator for social housing providers in England and maintains the list.

Fields indicate the designation of the social housing provider (e.g. private, non-profit, local authority) and the legal entity type (by their inclusion on the FCA Mutual Register, the Charity Register and Companies House).

A *monthly* published list also appears on the HCA website, which includes new registrations and deregistrations


  • Coverage: GB

Search options

The register is updated daily, and is viewable online in HTML format, and as a bulk download in CSV, TSV, Excel, JSON, YAML and TTL formats.

To find out more about the API see the [technical documentation](

Find and use identifiers

The field 'social-housing-provider-eng' is the Registered Provider code of a social housing provider in England that is used as the identifier.

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