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NHS Digital - Organisation Data Service (GB-NHS)


"The Organisation Data Service (ODS) is responsible for publishing organisation and practitioner codes, along with related national policies and standards. We're also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the organisation and person nodes of the Spine Directory Service, the central data repository used within various NHS systems and services.

Find out more about Organisation Reference data by reading the fundamental standard."[1][2]

Codes are allocated for:[3]

* Independent Sector Healthcare Providers (ISHP)
* NHS organisations
* Non-NHS organisations
* optical organisations
* private dental practices
* system suppliers

[2]: Information standard SCCI0090 (Health and Social Care Organisation Reference Data):
[3]: List from allocation

  • Coverage: GB

Search options

Search across organisations and practitioners at This also allows users to view each entry in more detail. It does not have a download facility.

Download the relevant zipped files from

Regular users can also subscribe to the TRUD (Technology Reference Data Update Distribution) service to receive XML format updates of new distributions:

Find and use identifiers

In most cases, the organisation code is in the first column of each csv. A pdf is usually included in each distribution so that this can be confirmed, as there are no header rows in the datasets themselves.

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