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Higher Education Statistics Agency (GB-HESA)


This is a list of all higher education providers that provide data to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). Those providers include all publicly funded universities and other higher educations institutions (HEIs) in the UK, alternative HE providers (APs) that offer HE courses but do not receive annual public funding, and further education colleges (FECs) in Wales which provide some HE level courses.

The list is maintained for statistical purposes by the Higher Education Statistics Agency. It contains institutions' names alongside the internal ID that HESA assigns them. This internal higher education provider ID is given in the INSTID field. (Higher education providers submit their UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) as part of the data submission process to HESA. The mapping to a HESA higher education provider identifier (INSTID) is carried out through the use of a static data lookup table [1].)

Use a UKPRN identifier in preference to this list. See:

[1]: See for more information.

  • Coverage: GB

  • Sectors: education

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The identifier for an institution is given in the INSTID column.

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